May 29, 2022 • 22M

Interview: Blue Nightmare

Listen to my conversation with one of my favorite R&B artists

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We discuss music and minimalism with some of the most creative and talented artists on the planet. Find out how what inspires and moves them.
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Engineer, Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Creative Director: Blue Nightmare does it all. Blue is an artist that combines just the right amount of Neo Soul, New Jack Swing, and 90s bounce that will make any Hip-Hop/R&B enthusiast have flashbacks of R&B Golden Age.

You can really tell that Blue is a true student of the game — He keeps all the elements that really worked over the past couple of decades of popular R&B and spins them all in his own way.

I’ve been wanting to interview him for a while. This is some of that conversation. We also talk about his upcoming EP “Theta State”

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