Taedo Bills in the Winter : Life Beyond

Video Production by Taedo Bills, behind the scenes of Groovy/UFO

One of my favorite artists I started listening to back in 2021 was Taedo Bills— He quickly became one of my most streamed artists that year. Taedo’s work is hard to describe, blending many genres like Acid Jazz, R&B, and 2step..

Taedo Bills is a unique artist. Not because he tries to reinvent the wheel, but because he manages to encapsulate 20 years of great, thoughtful pop music

I started listening to his SPACE NRG EP this fall/winter and I’m enjoying it even more than my first listen a year ago. The EP is great any season but during the cold winter month, it shines in its ability to be upbeat while minimal in production allowing for a peaceful, meditative experience.

Check out SPACE NRG by Taedo Bills.

Life Beyond is the song I have on repeat the most. Listen Below


Taedo Bills Captures an Era